General Knowledge Questions Daily Quiz Day – 55


Dear Aspirants, Our SSC Crackers team is providing a new series of General Knowledge Questions for Upcoming Exam so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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1) The Rowlatt act was passed by the britishers in which year?

a) 1917

b) 1920

c) 1919

d) 1922

2) Where is the Konark Sun Temple located?

a) Odisha

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Kerala

d) Madhya Pradesh

3) When was WTO established?

a) January 1, 1995

b) January 1, 1991

c) January 1, 1993

d) January 1, 1998

4) Who Designed Gateway of India?

a) George Wittet

b) Dankmar Adler

c) Frank Shaver Allen

d) Henry Austin

5) Bhaskara-I satellite was launched in India in which year?

a) 1977

b) 1971

c) 1978

d) 1975

6) Which country is not a permanent member of the UN security council?

a) China

b) France

c) Russia

d) India

7) Chandrayaan-1, first Indian lunar probe operated until_______.

a) August 29, 2009

b) December 15, 2005

c) November 22, 2008

d) January 10, 2003

8) What is the full form of FORTRAN?

a) Formula Translation

b) Front Translation

c) File Transfer

d) Formula Transformation

9) What disease is caused by protein deficiency?

a) Kwashiorkor

b) osteoporosis

c) Rickets

d) Chicken pox

10) When did Mahatma Gandhi came back to India from South Africa?

a) 1911

b) 1915

c) 1917

d) 1921

Answers :

1) Answer: C

The Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act of 1919, popularly known as the Rowlatt Act also known as Black Act, was a legislative act passed by the Imperial Legislative Council in Delhi on March 18, 1919.

2) Answer: A

Konark Sun Temple is located in the eastern State of Odisha near the sacred city of Puri. It is dedicated to the sun God or Surya.

3) Answer: A

The World Trade Organization is an intergovernmental organization that is concerned with the regulation of international trade between nations. It was established on 1 January 1995.

4) Answer: A

Gateway of India was built as a triumphal arch to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai (then, Bombay). It was built at Apollo Bunder, a popular meeting place. It was designed by the British architect, George Wittet.

5) Answer: C

Bhaskara-I satellite was built by the Indian Space Research Organisation that formed India’s first low orbit Earth Observation Satellite. It was launched on 7 June 1979.

6) Answer: D

The UN Security Council has five permanent members – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. India was elected as non-permanent member of the powerful UN Security Council.

7) Answer: A

Chandrayaan-1 was the first Indian lunar probe under Chandrayaan program. It was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation in October 2008, and operated until August 2009.Thus, ISRO lost communication with Chandrayaan-1 on August 29, 2009, almost a year after it was launched on October 22, 2008.

8) Answer: A

FORTRAN which stands for Formula Translation is a computer-programming language created in 1957 by John Backus that shortened the process of programming and made computer programming more accessible.

9) Answer: A

Kwashiorkor is a form of severe protein malnutrition characterized by edema and an enlarged liver with fatty infiltrates. It is caused by sufficient calorie intake, but with insufficient protein consumption.

10) Answer: B

After over 21 years stay in South Africa, Gandhi returned to India on January 9, 1915 with his wife Kasturba.


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