General Knowledge Questions Daily Quiz Day – 47


Dear Aspirants, Our SSC Crackers team is providing a new series of General Knowledge Questions for Upcoming Exam so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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1) Brihadeeswara Temple is located in which Indian state?

a) Tamil Nadu

b) Odisha

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Rajasthan

2) Who among the following is the Chief Minister of Goa?

a) Biplab Kumar Deb

b) Trivendra Singh Rawat

c) Yogi Aditya Nath

d) Pramod Sawant

3) Fort William, built during the early years of the Bengal Presidency of British India is in_________.

a) Jaipur

b) Gandhinagar

c) Kolkata

d) Nagpur

4) Name the first State to be formed on linguistic basis in India?

a) Gujarat

b) Odisha

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Uttar Pradesh

5) Who is the author of the book ‘Shades of Saffron’?

a) Advaita Kala

b) Vikram Balagopal

c) Sarbpreet Singh

d) Saba Naqvi

6) Bank of Baroda merged with which of the following bank?

a) Dena Bank

b) Vijaya Bank

c) Union Bank of India

d) Both a and b

7) Which enzyme is secreted by the human stomach?

a) Pepsin

b) Amylase

c) DNA polymerase

d) Acetylcholinesterase

8) Where did the first Portuguese factory established in India?

a) Calicut

b) Goa

c) Daman and Diu

d) Cochin

9) Where is the Headquarters of National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research?

a) Nagpur, Maharashtra

b) Dehradun, Uttarakhand

c) Gangtok, Sikkim

d) Vasco da Gama, Goa

10) How much maximum amount can be deposited in the Sukanya Samridhi account?

a) Rs. 1.5 lakh

b) Rs. 1.2 lakh

c) Rs. 2.5 lakh

d) Rs. 2 lakh

Answers :

1) Answer: A

Brihadishvara Temple, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in South bank of Kaveri river in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the largest South Indian temples and an exemplary example of a fully realized Dravidian architecture.

2) Answer: D

Pramod Sawant is an Indian politician who is the 11th and current Chief Minister of Goa. He represents the Sanquelim constituency in the Goa Legislative Assembly and is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

3) Answer: C

The first state formed on the linguistic basis is Andhra Pradesh. The state of Andhra Pradesh was formed on October 1, 1953. It was bifurcated from Tamil Nadu.

4) Answer: D

Saba Naqvi who is a senior journalist, is the author of Shades of Saffron.

5) Answer: D

Saba Naqvi who is a senior journalist, is the author of Shades of Saffron.

6) Answer: D

The government of India announced the merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank on September 17, 2018 to create the country’s third largest lender and they merged on April 1, 2019.

7) Answer: A

Pepsin is an endopeptidase that breaks down proteins into smaller peptides. It is produced in the chief cells of the stomach lining and is one of the main digestive enzymes in the digestive systems of humans and many other animals, where it helps digest the proteins in food.

8) Answer: A

The Portuguese explorer, Pedro Alvarez Cabral established the first European (Portuguese) factory at Calicut, India. He was known to discover Brazil on his way to India in 1500 AD.

9) Answer: D

The National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, is an Indian research and development institution, situated in Vasco da Gama, Goa. It was established on 25 May 1998, with Dr. Prem Chand Pandey as its founding director.

10) Answer: A

A Sukanya Samriddhi Account can be opened any time after the birth of a girl child till she turns 10, where a person has to deposit a minimum of Rs 250. In subsequent years, a minimum of Rs 250 and a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh can be deposited during the ongoing financial year.


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