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Dear Aspirants, Our SSC Crackers team is providing a new series of General Knowledge Questions for Upcoming Exam so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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1) Which among the following ruler of the chola dynasty built the Solesvara temple of Narttamalai, Pudukkottai?

a) Rajendra I

b) Rajaraja

c) Aditya I

d) Vijayalaya

2) Under the new Income tax regime, the individual with annual income between Rs. 7.5 lakh-Rs. 10 lakh will pay tax at the rate of…………?

a) 10%

b) 8.5%

c) 12.5%

d) 15%

3) Which of the following is the highest pass that falls on the boundary of Jammu and Kashmir and China?

a) Banihal Pass

b) Zoji La Pass

c) Pir Panjal Pass

d) Karakoram Pass

4) Who among the followingis fondly known as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution?

a) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

b) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

c) B.R Ambedkar

d) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

5) The Sensitivity of a Potentiometer can be increased by which of the following methods?

a) Increasing the current in the main circuit

b) Decreasing the current in the main circuit

c) Increasing the length of the wire

d) Both b and c are correct

6) What is the permissible concentration of residual chlorine present in drinking water in mg/L?

a) 0.05 – 1 mg/L

b) 0.5 – 0.25 mg/L

c) 0.02 – 0.05 mg/L

d) 0.2 – 2.0 mg/L

7) What was the ultimate goal of Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha?

a) economic relief to the common people

b) repeal of Salt Satyagraha

c) curtailment of the Government’s power

d) ‘Purna’ Swaraj for India

8) Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana was launched as an insurance service for farmers yield by PM Narendra Modi on…………..?

a) 13 February 2015

b) 15 February 2016

c) 18 February 2016

d) 20 January 2016

9) Which Ministry is planning to create a new Oceania Territorial Division by integrating Indo-Pacific and ASEAN divisions?

a) Ministry of Defence

b) Ministry of Home Affairs

c) Ministry of Earth Sciences

d) Ministry of External Affairs

10) Who has been appointed as India’s next Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other international organisations in Geneva?

a) Indra Mani Pandey

b) Manish Prabhat

c) Rahul Shrivastava

d) Gaitri Issar Kumar

Answers :

1) Answer: d)

Vijayalaya was the founder of the Imperial Chola dynasty which was the beginning of one of the most splendid empires in Indian history. He built the Solesvara temple of Narttamalai, Pudukkottai.

2) Answer: d)

The Finance minister announced that individuals with an annual income between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 7.5 lakh would pay 10% tax, and those earning Rs 7.5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh 15% under the new tax regime.

3) Answer: d)

The Karakoram Pass is a 5,540 m or 18,176 ft mountain pass between India and China in the Karakoram Range. It is the highest pass on the ancient caravan route between Leh in Ladakh and Yarkand in the Tarim Basin. The Karakoram Pass falls on the boundary of Indian administrative state of Jammu and Kashmir and China.

4) Answer: c)

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar popularly known as Baba Saheb, was an Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer.Indian Constitution drafted by Ambedkar is described as ‘first and foremost a social document’ which was presented before the nation in 1948 which structured the legal system of Independent India.

5) Answer: d)

Sensitivity of potentiometer can be increased by increasing the length of the potentiometer wire and by reducing the current in the circuit by using a rheostat. Both the methods help in decreasing the potential gradient, and thereby increasing the resistivity.

6) Answer: d)

Typical levels of free chlorine or residual chlorine present in drinking water are 0.2 – 2.0 mg/L though

levels can be as high as 5 mg/L.

7) Answer: d)

The Salt March, also known as the Salt Satyagraha was an act of nonviolent civil disobedience in colonial India led by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The ultimate goal of Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha was ‘Purna’ Swaraj for India.

8) Answer: c)

The Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) was launched on 18 February 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an insurance service for farmers for their yields. PMFBY aims to provide a comprehensive insurance cover against failure of the crop thus helping in stabilising the income of the farmers.

9) Answer: d)

The Ministry of External Affairs recently announced that it will create a new Oceania Territorial Division having its centre at Australia. The division will integrate ASEAN divisions and the Indo-Pacific under it.

Reenat Sandhu, additional secretary and formerly India’s ambassador to Italy, will head the new vertical, assisted by two senior directors, Geetika Srivastava and Paulomi Tripathi.

10) Answer: a)

Indra Mani Pandey has been appointed as the next Permanent Representative/Ambassador of India to the United Nations, Geneva.

Mr. Indra Mani Pandey is a 1990 batch Indian Foreign Service Officer. He will succeed Rajiv K Chander by becoming a permanent representative to the UN in Geneva.


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